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Photographers I admire

Occasionally I bump into the website of a photographer that is interesting. Below, in no special order are a few of my faves.

http://www.aironephoto.com - Brad Cavanaugh, Air One. Also has a brick and mortar Navy Pier store and glossy catalog. Not surprisingly, his shopping cart appears to be polished.

http://www.ben-jesson.co.uk - A photographer and graphic designer. He does some really interesting graphics work.

http://www.clydebutcher.com - Everglades B&W. Lists prices, but you must order via phone.

http://craiggoldwyn.com - Who?

http://www.davidjulian.com - A photographer, artist, illustrator, David Julian's work is thought provoking.

http://www.dogphoto.com - Specialists in shooting showdogs. Has a collection of stock photos for practically every breed. Sells auto license tags, Visa cards with dog pix, T-shirts, luggage tags, refrigerator magnets.

http://www.dogphotography.com - B. Sparks elegant pet photography site.

http://www.ericmeola.com - Eric Meola clever site is a bit too clever. Home page loads way too slowly, and multiple rollovers make the screen jump when loading. Slide show is interesting idea. No way to pause the slides. Clickling on one doesn't give you an enlargement, but a trip back to the home page. No store.

http://www.f64.com - Scott Bourne. B&W 8x10s for $100 plus shipping via phone or email. No shopping cart.

http://www.farber.com - Robert Farber's entrepreneurial confluence of three sites. Way too many menu options (about 30, 10 of which take you to the same page) and way too busy. Confusing. What are seleXions, (selections of work by his students) or double eXposure (his newsletter). His newsletter subscription asks for email and phone number. No mention that phone is optional. No way will I give my phone, so I almost went away without subscribing.

http://www.fineartnudes.com and http://www.infrarednudes.com - Lindsay Garret's nudes. Site has a special "Patron's Gallery" of images for paying patrons only. Patrons get a discount of 25% on prints. His online store sells prints, posters, CD-ROMS, and Patron memberships.

http://www.hakinphoto.com - Elegant gallery for a photoartist.

http://www.howardschatz.com - Sophisticated fashion photos and other commercial work. No shopping.

http://www.matthewgarrett.biz - Matthew Garret photography.

http://www.jodydole.com - A specialist in still life photography.

http://www.joebuissink.com - Weddings. Home page has an endorsement from Annie Liebowitz. Extensive use of javascript and rollovers makes loading slow and navigation confusing. While a page is loading, you cannot jump to his contact info or do anything. You just sit for a minute or more. Grrrr.

http://www.johnpaulcaponigro.com - This Maine-based Photoshop master, book author, and interviewer. Beautiful, dreamlike, surreal, uelsmannesque.

http://www.kenmarcus.com - One of the world's top erotica specialists. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

http://www.kvonphotography.com - Keyvan Behpour's elegant and simple design. Draconian image editing makes the site focused and simple. He doesn't try to show you everything. No shopping.

http://www.leza.com - Montages and collages mostly for commercial clients.

http://www.mangelsen.com - Thomas D. Mangelsen's Images of Nature. Shopping cart with framed prints $99-999, posters, screen savers, art cards, video, and music. Glossy catalog and actual brick and mortar stores around the nation.

http://www.maggiehallahan.com - A nice simple site for a talented pro.

http://maggietaylor.com - Jerry Uelsmann's wife clearly shares many of his ideas, but her work is sooooo different. Wonderful, whimsical, colorful, thought provoking, funny.

http://www.marchauserphoto.com - Chicago based photog sells books and posters via phone, mail, and email. Nicely designed, simple site showcasing he B&W portraits. Thumbnails way too small. No shopping cart so it is hard to buy. He is missing impulse sales. Impressive list of clients, but no examples of this commercial work.

http://www.maxranchi.com - Built with Microsoft FrontPage means it will not play nice with Netscape or Macs. This also makes the site p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y s-l-o-w-w-w. Blue text on red background really hurts my eyes. Some of the thumbnails have been resized and are badly pixelated (especially in the people gallery). In all, a nice start, but needs to be speeded up and has a lot of mistakes typical of a home made site.

http://www.michaelprince.com - Very cleverly designed with its own easy to understand visual language. Strong, richly colorful images. They need to be compressed. No shopping cart.

http://www.geocities.com/~morrell - Charlie Morrell has wild and crazy ideas and colors. Fun, eccentric, and thought provoking images. The site is a bit rustic, however.

http://www.pauleekhoff.com - Corporate and stock photography. Elegantly simple design.

http://www.petesaloutos.com - Interesting use of Flash does not detract from performance. No shopping.

http://www.photographybydon.com - Don Gale, Outdoor specialist who also teaches workshops, shoots weddings, portraits, and video. Nice design. Enlarged images could be larger and should resize the screen. No shopping.

http://www.robepstein.com - Entering means getting past two splash screens. Nice use of html frames. No shopping cart.

http://www.seankernan.com - Mystical metaphysical mood. He separates the site into work and soul. Clever use of rollovers. No shopping cart.

http://www.searsportrait.com - See how the big dog does it. Choose your backgrounds, order prints, and hey, if things get tough, you can even find a photog or career opportunities on this site.

http://www.singularimage.com - Virginia Blachere's portfolio of B&W wedding work. Simple brochureware site. A nice example of how to do a really, really simple (inexpensive) site. No shopping cart.

http://www.sjphoto.com - Very well known photographer specializes in outdoors and panoramas. His online store has an interesting twist, a text only version! The store does not look to have all the necessary bells and whistles, but it works.

http://www.sonart.org - The website of the pioneer, Sonia Landy Sheridan. She's the one who started using copy machines, fax machines, lasers, and contemporary technology to make art. In 1970 she founded the Generative Systems Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the first of its kind, now called Art & Technology at many schools. I was her first grad student.

http://www.storybookweddings.com - Wedding photographer Gary Fong. Nice graphics.

http://www.studiopenumbra.com - Frank Curry. Collages, montages. Flash splash is just a barrier. He forces you to look at his images by delaying the appearance of the forward and back button. Grrrr. No shopping cart.

http://www.tamididit.com - Bright, tight, colorful commercial work by Tami Meader. Lovely simple design. No shopping.

http://www.theispot.com/artist/bishop - David Bishop's digital illustrations. About as simple a site as possible. Could use a little pizzazz.

http://www.uelsmann.com - Home of the great pioneering surrealist poet of photography. It is hard to believe he has been doing this since the '60s. long before Photoshop. Can you say "eight enlargers and the heart of a poet?" A true genius.

http://www.vanderwal.com - VERY Cool Flash graphics on the home page. A professional site, in need of some polish.

http://wayaheadgroup.com - This is Dennis Biela's website. Dennis is Apple's Go To Guy when they need a pro to test or demo photo technologies, especially QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR). Just in this year he has conducted seminars for more than 1000 photographers in 15 cities. Among his clients are BMW, the Experimental Aircraft Association, Jaguar, GM, Canon, Kodak, Phase One, American Airlines, TWA, and Motor Trend.

http://www.webshots.com - Software for screensavers. You can download images, and even buy them.

http://www.wineviews.com - Chuck O'Rear. Wine country specialist has published several beautiful books. Sells books and calendars via email.

http://www.yannarthusbertrand.com - The home site of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the French photographer whose traveling exhibit "Earth From Above" has taken away the breath of millions around the world. These spectacular large prints, most taken from helicopters, show the beauty and fragility of the earth, accompanied by interesting information about the scene.

Photographer Finders

http://www.photographers.com/default.asp - A database of nearly 6,000 photographers by specialty and location. Also to find an extensive database of photo assistants, models, and industry suppliers.

http://www.photographers.com - Find a photographer anywhere in the world.

http://www.photoserve.com - From PDN magazine, a database of photographers and examples of their work.

http://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/biographies - Nationalgeographic.com provides short biographies of both staff and freelance photographers whose work has appeared in National Geographic magazine and other NGS publications. Links to photo galleries are included.

http://www.ppa.com - Professional Photographers of America. Find a Photographer, business services, calendar of events, classifieds, vendors directory, press releases, chats, message boards.

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