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Hardware, Software, and Other Gear

Here are some of the biggest and best suppliers of new and used gear. These are real stores with real experts on hand to help and legal not gray market gear. That means warranties and good return policies. These are not ads or paid endorsements. Listed alphabetically.




http://www.cameta.com - Each week this NY camera store sends out huge list of used equipment that just came in.


http://www.kaidan.com - Specialists in Virtual Reality and immersive imaging tools.

http://www.photorama.com - This company hosts used camera expos.






http://www.ebay.com - The world's biggest garage sale has tons of used and new equipment from cameras to darkroom gear to software to collectible images. A bonanza.

The best way to view images on the internet

The left box above should be pure black, the right box pure white, and there should be distinct but subtle differences between the others. If not, adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor. AOL Users: Some versions of AOL have an optional setting that compresses graphics for faster viewing also makes them blurry. To see images properly you should turn this off. Click "My AOL" at the top of the page, click "Preferences", click "www", click "Graphics", then uncheck "Use Compressed Graphics".

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