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Below are links to some of my favorite books that you can buy from Amazon.com just by clicking the title. Or use the box at right to search Amazon for anything you want.

Adobe Photoshop Master Class by John Paul Caponigro

Caponigro is a master of the dream world. His visions are rhythmic, poetic, colorful, and flawless. Some are as grand as a mountain, and others are as finite as raindrops. His book is both a how to do it with Photoshop guide, but a how to get your mind and images working together guide. Published by Adobe, the chapter titles include:

> Calibrate and Characterize
> Selections
> Tone
> The Elements of Photomontage
> One Source, Many Paths
> Color Expression
> The Language of Night
> Reorchestrating Light
> Focus

Jerry N. Uelsmann is a man ahead of his time. Considered one of the 20 most influential photographers of the 20th Century, he is so much more than the conventional idea of a photographer. Yes, he is a great technician, making perfect negatives and prints with conventional film and silver paper since the 1960s. Yes he is a magician in the darkroom, creating techniques that allow him to combine images with as many as eight enlargers. But more importantly, he is a visionary who can create visions in our heads of stirring juxtapositions and scenes from our dreams. His work has been the subject of several books by critics and poets. His work is inspirational.

Uelsmann: Process and Perception (Text by by John Ames) - How does he do this stuff?

Photo Synthesis (Introduction by A.D. Coleman) - Great images accompanied by the deep thoughts of the respected critic

Uelsmann/Yosemite: Photographs - Not Ansel Adams

Jerry N. Uelsmann Photographs 1975-1979 - Out of print but available used.

Approaching the Shadow - Available by special order

I enjoy giving a Tupperware party in my home. It gives me a chance to talk to my friends. But really, Tupperware is a homemaker's dream, you save time and money because your food keeps longer.

Suburbia by Bill Owens (Introduction by David Halberstam) - Owens has captured life in a California suburb in the 1970s with more than a hint of irony. The pictures show the way we were, and oh my, it's embarassing. The text is quoted from the subjects, and oh my, it is powerful.

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