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Whenever I add new material to the site I will list it here and link to it, so this is a good place to come first whenever you visit me.

Here are some new additions to the galleries. Subscribe to my free email newsletter, Lens, to be notified when new works are added.

Deposing the Lion of Suburbia

Willard has adopted the Bush Doctrine. He is planning pre-emptive attacks against an adversary so insidious that it menaces not only his own home but threatens to destabilize his entire neighborhood: Dandelions.

For many years he just ignored the dandelions in his yard. In fact, he thought they were kinda pretty, both the yellow flowers and the puffy delicate seeds that looked like a field of little old ladies growing in his yard. Then, one year, when he went on vacation in April, a neighbor cut his lawn for him without being asked to do so. He got the memo. Dandelions were a terrorist threat, and he was not a part of the coalition. Click here for the rest of the pictory and to see an enlargement of the print.

Dialing Down The
Tears Machine

She died and left him with the baby so the first thing he had to do was to hold back the flow of tears. But the rage lasted far longer. First, he was angry at God, but eventually he realized he was also mad at her and the child. Then he was furious enough at God to forsake him as he had been forsaken. This would be harder to staunch. Click here for the rest of the pictory and enlargements.

The Fan

Pauline knew her daughter was infatuated with Britney. The kid played her music too loud and wore the same clothes. Pauline was peeved that Paulette couldn't find a black woman to idolize. What she did not know was that Jamal dreamed about Britney too. That when he woke up in the morning on his stomach he would move his hips like she did until his underwear was wet. Click here for an enlargement.

Waiting for Bozo

Heather is always waiting for David. She thinks he is trying to manipulate her. Teaching her that he is in charge. She thinks "I'll give him another 15 minutes, and then I'll just pay the damn tab and leave. That's it. I don't care how great the sex is. We are just opposites. God this will be complicated. How will we deal with the landlord? Our parents? Oh jeeze, Mom's gonna be all over me about blowing my chance to marry a rich lawyer. But I deserve better than him. Don't I?" Click here for an enlargement.

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