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My Other Websites

I have several other websites.

http://stereographer.com. Everything you ever wanted to know about stereo photography, the kind that was used for old fashioned stereoscopes, ViewMasters, and anaglyphs for red/blue glasses. See how it is done, and view the work of several contemporary artists who excel at this ancient art making a current comeback.

http://spinography.com. Devoted to immersive 3D virtual reality photography. See how technologies like QuickTime VR and Java can put you in a room or put an object in your hands.

http://visibility.tv. This site promotes my internet consulting biz. It contains a really useful reference section with tips for webmasters as well as links to the websites I have done for clients.

http://amazingribs.com. The Zen of barbecue. A cookbook in progress.

http://tortorello.com. The family tree of my wife's family and their roots in Italy.

http://craigandlou.com. News about my wife and me, but not much. Mostly devoted to our dogs, especially the Leader Dogs for the Blind we have trained.

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Website by visibility.tv

Leader Dogs For the Blind