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The Struggle

Tamika worked in customer service until last month. She wore Hawaiian shirts, white pants, and sandals at work. Every day. She let her freak flag fly because she knew she was different than the people around her and she needed to show it. She loves talking to people and trying to help them, but she quit her job in the "customer care" department of the Department of Motor Vehicles because there is no care there. She says the attitude is "we are underfunded and overworked, and that is the fault of the public. So if we disconnect them after 15 minutes on hold, it's their own damn fault." She fought a lonely battle to change things, and then gave up. She now works as a sales clerk in a clothing store. It pays a lot less, but she feels a lot better about herself.

Title: The Struggle
First released for sale: 5/7/01
Price: $250 for a signed 13 x 19"

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