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The Entrepreneur

Jim has created several small businesses and numerous jobs. People he meets often remark that they admire entrepeneurs. American folklore reveres the innovator, the creative, the salmon swimming upstream.

Jim says the reality is something else. "Leaving a job to start a business, you trade in one boss for many. There are the bankers, the stockholders, the bill collectors, and your employees. They all make far more demands of you than any boss ever did. You lie awake at night worrying that if you make the wrong decision, someone's baby won't be fed. You can go months, even years, with little or no pay. You think you'll make it all up when you hit it big. But you won't, and you'll lose years of peak earning potential. Don't do it. Keep your job."

Title: The Entrepreneur
First released for sale: 5/7/01
Price: $250 for a signed 13 x 19"

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