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Never Drink Water

In Brussels, just off the Grand Place, there is a famous fountain with a little boy, well, squirting into the water. It is called "Mannequin Pis." No translation necessary. In the shops nearby you can buy replicas and postcards of this naughty little cherub. They even sell corkscrews with the helix, well, you know where. But my favorite copy is in the gardens of Laurent-Perrier, the great Champagne producer in the middle of the vineyards of Tours-Sur-Marne, just south of Reims, about 75 miles east of Paris. The inscription reads "Ne Buvez Jamais d'Eau" which, loosely translated, means "Never Drink Water." Good advice. Try the Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne. Yummmmmm.

Title: Never Drink Water
First released for sale: 12/19/01
Price: $250 for a signed 13 x 19"

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